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Most days you can find me with a glass of wine in one hand and typing with the other. Writer of poetry and fiction.

Fiction — Dinner, dancing and a kiss.

Now that the ice was broken, the Lyft ride went rather quickly. Before I knew it, we were being dropped off at The Lux hotel downtown.

“Luke this is fantastic! I have always wanted to eat at their glass wall restaurant. Does it really spin so you can see the whole city?” I ask as he helps me out of the black sedan.

“That’s what word on the street is.”

“How on earth did you get reservations here?” …

Fiction — They finally meet.

“Hello, Luke.”

What stood before me was a man about 6'3, with jet black hair and cool blue eyes. It took me a few moments to get past their awesomeness and the rest of him was not bad at all. He wore black slacks and a dark gray button-up dress shirt.

“Hello, Aria. I hope I am pronouncing that correctly.” His smile matched his voice. Warm and deep.

“You are,” I laugh lightly, “it’s the name you’d find in an opera. Won’t you come in for a drink?” I open the door and stand back in invitation.

“Sure. Or like…

Getting ready for a blind date. Cheers!

“So you’re really doing it?” My friend Kelly sounded dubious.

“Yes. In fact, I have to start getting ready now. I’ll keep you posted. Love ya!” I hung up my cell and got up to start the long process of making the best impression possible. I head to my bathroom and as I turn on the water, I mentally go through what I should wear.

Maybe my black slacks and cream short shirt? No that’s a little too “I’m-trying-to-be-an influencer-but-my-real-job-is-a-real estate-assistant” type of outfit. As I step into the shower, turn on the water and reach for the shampoo, I…

After the long pandemic and as restrictions are being lifted, this is it. It’s the reunion when you FINALLY get to meet up with your friends who you haven’t seen in years, who made you laugh when you wanted to cry, who kept you going through thick and thin, and who gave you the courage to face another day. These are the people you could rely on and these “characters” are part of you life. Dare I say family at this point?

We have all been waiting for the reunion for months and for some years. I can happliy report…


I wonder about you when you cross my mind twice
Could we try it out and maybe have something nice
The light in your eyes, when you look closely at me
Seems to sparkle and glow, shining ever so brilliantly

Could I like you, we will have to wait and see
But sometimes it feels I’ll love you endlessly
You make me laugh so, my smiles flow free
But is that really enough for all of eternity
I catch myself longing for you but what can I do
I know you’re not ready yet; my heart knows it’s true.



Ok what do you want from me?
I look at you looking at me
With those warm brown eyes
And that cute little smile
Yet you just stand there
Saying nothing for a while

I felt the way you touched my skin
The way you hugged goodbye
The way you led me out the door
Your hand on my backside
Shivers shook my body all over
It’s almost like I picked green clover

I heard the way you said my name
You whispered it so sweet
I heard the way you breathed in deep
When I walked by you a couple of feet…

Short fiction

“Jack just let me find Daddy some shoes and then we can go to the toy aisle.” I don’t want to be at the store but I barely hear my mom because Godzilla is at war with cowboy Woody.

“Rrrrraarrrrrr, Godzilla is coming after you!” “Run Woody, run!” I tell my Woody doll in my right hand. With m left hand, the enemy is closing in on the cowboy. I still haven’t decided who would win in a real fight.

“I’m going to eat you up, cowboy!” I growl. Suddenly I hear a giggle. What is that? I turn my…

Part One

“Come on mom! I want to go to the toy section!” I whine to my mother and tug on her jeans. We have been standing here forever!!! I grumble to myself. I just turned 6 and want to check out the newest LOL dolls.

“Jill, you are going to have to wait!” Jackie snapped back, then sighed and lowered herself to her daughter’s eye level. “I’m sorry, sweetie. Mommy isn’t mad at you. Daddy said his feet got extra sweaty from his new socks so now mommy has to look for socks that aren’t cotton but made from bamboo.”



I took one look at you and thought no way
Then you smiled and laughed and changed me that day
To taste your juicy lips and run my fingers through your hair
I wondered what it would be like to be with you and share
my mind simmered on such things all the livelong day
what would it be like to laugh over movies while you stayed

You said no but after a few weeks you changed your tune
And decided to swim and bask in my warm love lake lagoon
I felt your smile warm my insecurities and your laugh made…

Everly Remington

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